resolve to                         下定决心做
be the focus of our efforts            以…为奋斗目标
take solid strides on the path of               坚定地朝…方向迈进
maintain/safeguard prosperity and stability in    保持…的繁荣与稳定
Remain true to our original aspiration.      不忘初心
Never forget why you start, and you can accomplish your mission.   不忘初心,方得始终。
in the pursuit of                        追求…目标
step up/promote development             加快发展
with firm resolve                        坚定决心
take tough action against                 坚决反对
take firm action to                       坚定做

strive for sth.                       努力做某事
work tirelessly to do                 不遗余力地做某事
take comprehensive steps to          采取全面的措施
implement/formulate …plan         实施/订制…计划
remain committed to               坚持
adopt the approach to              采取措施
endeavor to                      尽力
bring a steady improvement in       在…方面稳定改善
strive with endless energy toward      朝…不懈努力
urge to                              促进
launch a host of major initiatives        推出一系列重大举措
push ahead with many major tasks       推出一系列重大工作
prompt shifts in the cause of             推动…事业的变革
be committed to doing sth.                坚持
launch activities to/
initiate a campaign for                    开展活动
give top priority to doing                  将…置于首位
tackled the prominent problems           解决突出问题
make sweeping efforts to              全面地
take strong action to                  坚决
strive for                               争取,奋发图强,收下
make greater contributions to             为…作出更大贡献
pick up pace                            加快速度
break new ground                       勇于创新
make every effort to                       力求,费劲心血
the contradiction between…and…    …   与…之间的矛盾
make it possible for                     使…成为可能
fulfill the task                           完成任务
devote great energy to doing             努力
threaten to                              威胁到
plunge into                            一头扎进、投身于
act with courage                        勇于

make noble progress in               取得显著成果
make major breakthroughs in          取得重大突破
make significant advances on          取得重大进步
explore new ground in advancing       在…取得新进展
have risen markedly                显著提升
make significant advances on        有了重大的进步
decisive progress has been made in   取得重要成果
have seen a rise in                  见证了…的进步
make great contributions to           做出重大贡献
achieve remarkable outcomes in       取得巨大成果
make historic/major achievements in
a community with a shared-future for mankind   人类命运共同体
think in big-picture terms                  大局意识
have been lifted out of poverty            摆脱贫困
initiate a new stage in                    开创新局面
make fresh progress in                   取得新进展

enter a new era                 进入新时代
is…of great importance           …是十分重要的
in all respects/
on all fronts                    全面地
at a critical moment             在关键时期
in an important period           处于重要时期
maintain its position as           稳居第…
be booming/flourishing/thriving    …是繁荣的
sluggish global economic recovery   全球经济复苏缓慢
It is of tremendous importance.   这很重要。
display strong vitality            展现出活力
with the advent of modern times   随着现代社会的到来
intense upheaval                激烈的动荡
in the course of                  处于…进程
There is a shift away from          由…转变的
in the midst of                   处于…之中
be alert to                       对…警觉
cross the threshold into a new era  进入了新时代
in terms of                       在…方面
This is a new historic juncture in…   新的历史方位
achieve a tremendous transformation 迎来了伟大飞跃
It has come to embrace the brilliant prospects of rejuvenation.
remains a formidable task           任务艰巨
There are still large disparities in…between…and…
social tensions                      社会矛盾
These are all problems that demand our full attention to resolve.
on behalf of                         我代表
express our heartfelt thanks to         向…表示衷心的感谢
in the early days of                   在…之初
propelling China into a leading position推动…进入世界前列
without precedent                    前所未有
be of full vitality                      充满活力
national rejuvenation                    国家复兴
initiate a new stage in                    开创新局面
all ethnic groups                         各族人民
be confronted with                       面对
frequent outbreaks and disturbance         频繁暴乱和动荡
have confidence in                       对…有信心
Take a driving seat in                      引领
ecological civilization                      生态文明
under new circumstances                 新形势下
with a view to                           着眼于
be driven by                            由…驱动
ecological and environment               生态环境保护
demonstrate tremendous courage         显示出巨大的勇气
confront with risks and tests              面对风险和考验
with great vitality                        具有活力
with severe/acute/prominent problems     严重问题
have a long way to                      任重道远
poverty alleviation                       脱贫
What we now face is                     我们现在面对的是…
This has become the main constraining factor in…
…represents a historic shift              是历史性变化
in the primary stage of                   …的初级阶段
be embroiled in                         陷入
be integrated with                      与…合为一体



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